What to Wear to a Boudoir Shoot

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What to Wear to a Boudoir Shoot 

Deciding what to wear to a boudoir shoot can be hard. Many people assume that boudoir is all sexy lingerie or nearly to fully nude. The beauty of boudoir is that you have such a wide range of options on what to wear. Being sexy isn’t synonymous with wearing less clothes. If you don’t feel comfortable in lingerie, then screw the lingerie! A casual everyday outfit can be just as sexy. If lingerie is your thing, this can be a great opportunity to buy a new piece and own It! Let go of your preconceived notions about what a boudoir shoot is or what should be worn during a session. A boudoir shoot is about harnessing your beauty and capturing confidence! It’s about celebrating your favorite features and owning your uniqueness. Whether you decide to keep it everyday casual or go all in with sexy lingerie, flaunt it.

Casual everyday outfits to wear to your boudoir shoot

Lingerie not your thing? What you wear to your boudoir shoot doesn’t need to be complicated. Some of my favorite shoots are when my clients wear one of their everyday outfits. It gives the shoot a little more of a realistic feel with a sexy twist

Crop Tops

Crop tops are a great starter piece for a boudoir session. Simple. Casual. Sexy. If you’re looking for a fun casual flirty everyday luck a crop top is the perfect choice. Crop sweaters and turtlenecks are perfect too!

Jeans or Jean shorts 

A pair of jeans or jeans shorts are probably one of the more worn items in your closet. They can also be one of the most worn items during your boudoir shoot because they can be styled in many ways. Jeans with a bra, jeans with no top, slightly unbuttoned, just about to be taken off — You get It. Jeans can be the perfect piece of clothing to compliment your other items during your shoot. 


If you’re looking for the right bra to bring to your session opt for a bralette over a bra. No padded cups or wires, a bralette is a casual and comfy alternative and often has fun details that photograph well and can also be paired under sweaters and other pieces. Aerie is always my go to place for the perfect bralettes! 

Button down shirt

You see this time and time again in movies. The girl in nothing but her man’s button down work shirt. A button down shirt, whether your own or his, is the perfect piece to wear to your boudoir shoot. It can be tied up, unbuttoned, used over your bra and underwear. A great versatile piece to have for your shoot. Dress shirts and flannels are two of my favorite!

Sexy Outfits to Wear to a Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir sessions are a fun and empowering way to connect with your sensual side. Choose a sexy outfit that’s fitted to accentuate your body, shows your shape and hugs your curves. 


That lingerie that hasn’t been out of your drawer since your honeymoon, bust that out! Or pamper yourself and get a new piece just for the shoot! Lingerie is a staple to wear to a boudoir shoot because of how great it photographs and how it makes you feel. Sexy, confident, fierce! 

Sexy tight dress 

Have a beautiful cocktail dress in your closet that you’ve been wanting to wear but don’t have anywhere to wear it? A boudoir shoot is the perfect place. Think about it, how many good formal pictures of yourself do you have? Probably not many. A tight formal dress is sexy in its own right and also lends itself as a great way to start a boudoir session. It’s a way to ease into the shoot and get comfortable in front of the camera before some of the layers start to shed. 


Barefoot is always a great choice but high sexy shoes add personality and flare to your photos. Your body can only benefit from adding high heels to your shoot. Stilettos elongate the legs and give your foot a beautiful arch and pointed toe. The higher and strappier the better. High sexy heels make for stunning boudoir photos.


A tight black bodysuit (like this one) is a perfect staple in your everyday wardrobe, but it’s also the perfect sexy piece to wear to a boudoir shoot. Turtleneck, v-neck, spaghetti strap, are all a great addition to your session. Bodysuits and no pants are a classy and sexy look for both typical boudoir and maternity! 

Nothing at all

Chris Stapleton and JT said it best when they sang “Sometimes the greatest way to say something, is to say nothing at all.” Change ‘say’ to ‘wear’ and we have the cheapest and most convenient boudoir outfit of all- your birthday suit! Of course I realize it’s not easy to just strip down in front of another person you don’t know all that well, but that’s why we save these for the end! Usually by then you are reeeaaaally feeling yourself and are much more comfortable. Nudes aren’t for everyone, but definitely something I like to throw into boudoir sessions if my clients are comfortable! And even better- you don’t have to decide what to wear for that portion of your boudoir shoot!

Ultimately, plan your outfits around your comfort level. There are no set rules. What you wear to a boudoir session should reflect who you are and what you love about yourself. Think back to why you decided to book a boudoir session. What was your goal? To feel empowered? Step out of your comfort zone? Celebrate a milestone? A gift for yourself or someone special? Whatever it was, channel that when deciding what to wear for your boudoir shoot and you can’t go wrong with what you choose. Now that you know what to wear, be sure to check out our top ten reasons for a boudoir session too!


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