Top Ten Reasons for a Boudoir Shoot

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Top 10 Reasons for a Boudoir Shoot

First of all, it is my strong opinion that you never NEED an excuse to pamper yourself with a sexy boudoir shoot. However, here are my top 10 reasons for a boudoir session so you can get dressed up (or down rather) and get behind the camera.

1. Need a pick me up

First of all, we are in a freaking pandemic. Most people I know are living in sweats and pajamas and yoga pants. We are working from home and never have to wear makeup considering there’s something covering the majority of our faces when we are in public. I don’t know about you, but having a reason to get all done up is few and far between for me. A boudoir shoot is the perfect excuse to feel sexy again! Professional hair and makeup are included as part of the experience at my studio- which is always a huge plus and one less thing to worry about for your session!

2. Getting married

One of the most common reasons people come to me for a boudoir shoot is because they are getting married. Lots of women use the sessions to gift to their fiancé either on the day of the wedding or sometime before. For me, I gifted my husband an album that my sister delivered on the morning of our wedding and he was totally shocked and surprised. That made him all the more excited to see me that day! Not to mention- you can try out some of that new wedding lingerie!

 3. Documenting pregnancy 

Another really popular time for a boudoir shoot is during pregnancy. Oftentimes my maternity sessions will include a mixture of outdoor or indoor photos along with nude or belly images. Even though many of us don’t feel completely sexy while we are pregnant, this is such a special time and needs to be documented. Plus, it’s like the only time in my life I wasn’t worried about feeling bloated for photos! I have several dresses in my studio wardrobe that can be unbuttoned just at the belly for a more conservative maternity boudoir session as well! 

 4. Bachelorette party

The pandemic put a bit of a damper on this reason for a boudoir shoot, but I am slowly starting to incorporate these again. For a bachelorette party boudoir shoot, each girl that comes will get hair and makeup as well as access to my studio wardrobe of lingerie, sweaters, bralettes, and a photo session. It is so much fun to be part of an exciting girl’s night, and watch everyone encourage each other during their photo time! Bring drinks and snacks and I’ll crank the music! 

 5. Divorce/breakup

Oftentimes when my clients are having boudoir shoots done for a wedding, it is for their significant other. However, when women schedule boudoir shoots after a divorce or breakup, it is ALL for them. From personal experience I know how difficult that time in your life can be. You may feel unsure of yourself or your body or your sexiness, but I promise a boudoir shoot will help you see how beautiful and sexy you are. These are probably my favorite sessions to do. My goal for all boudoir shoots is to help you see a side of yourself you may not know is there. Especially during these moments when you may be feeling down on yourself, I want to help you see the light! While I want it all to be about loving yourself, it also doesn’t hurt if you can show your ex what they missed out on!

 6. Special birthday

Whether you are turning 21, or 30, or 60,  a boudoir shoot is a great way to document your body at this time in your life. I am so happy I did a boudoir shoot before I had babies because it has definitely changed a lot. I also did them during my pregnancies and now after I am done having babies. It’s fun to look back at each time in my life. I mean, pregnancy boobs, is there really anything better?! I miss those things…

Anyways, pamper yourself with a sexy photoshoot to celebrate your birthday! Grab a couple of friends if you want and we will have a blast!

 7. Reminder that moms are still sexy

 Trust me. I know firsthand how hard it can be to feel sexy when you are a mom. Especially when your kids are young and they’re constantly touching you, asking you for things and pointing out your flaws (my personal fav from my middle daughter especially!).  You barely have time to make dinner and keep your house clean, let alone do your hair and makeup and put on real clothing. It can be really hard to feel sexy when you’re tired all the time. I know it’s also hard as a mom to not feel guilty to do something for yourself. However, a boudoir shoot is such an amazing thing to help you get your sexy back. 

 8. Show off new lingerie

Although my studio wardrobe has plenty of pieces for you to use, I know that many people have their own lingerie and want a reason to show it off! This is the perfect excuse to try it out!

 9. Gift for significant other

Much like a wedding boudoir session, many of my clients schedule their boudoir shoot to surprise their significant other with an album. Sometimes it may be an anniversary or birthday, and other times it’s a ‘just because’ gift. Who doesn’t love a random sexy gift like that?! 

 10. As a reminder of how HOTT you are! 

Any other Schitt’s Creek lovers out there? One of my favorite things that Moira said during that series, was in reference to boudoir shoots. Here’s what she had to say:

Moira: Then allow me to offer you some advice. Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, “Oh, I’m too spooky.”, or, “Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies.” But believe me, one day you will look at those photos, with much kinder eyes and say, “Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!”

 We ALL can be hypercritical of ourselves and our bodies. It can be a real challenge to love everything about yourself. However, I do believe that with each stage in life comes new and more perspective. Down the road you will be able to look back at your boudoir shoot and see your confidence and remember how much fun you had. You won’t be fixated on the little imperfections you thought were such a problem at the time.

 Which one of these reasons are have YOU ready to do a boudoir shoot?



Sure, lots of people have taken their own nudes or sexy photos , but having a professional direct and encourage you and be your hype woman makes the experience MUCH more fun and enjoyable!

 I know that doing a boudoir shoot can be intimidating and a bit scary. But, I hope this list gives you a few reasons why they can be so empowering and important.


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